Port Guide: Nassau

Hi everyone, it’s Victoria again with another port guide! This port guide is about Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas and one of the most frequently visited cruise destinations out there. I’ve only been to Nassau two or three times, but I enjoyed the days spent there and believe it’s a place filled with endless things to do.

A horse and buggy ride around Nassau is a great way to see a
majority of the city in a short while. 

Nassau is filled with things to do, including various places to shop and eat, but one of the best known things about Nassau is the Atlantis Resort. Atlantis is located a short drive away from the port of Nassau on Paradise Island, and is filled with things to do, including private beaches, and pools and waterslides. As a guest of the resort, you are able to explore both the resort and Nassau, but as a cruise line guest, you are able to purchase limited day passes from your cruise line (if offered as an excursion).

If spending the day at a resort isn’t your thing, Nassau is an exciting city, and there is plenty to do besides resort and/or beach hopping. If you want a quiet tour of the city, there are horse and buggy duos that will take you around Nassau and the outskirts of downtown, where you’ll pass the Government House, which is known for it’s light pink exterior. There are also a few museums and touristy places that are a fun visit; as a music nerd, I highly enjoyed walking around the Hard Rock Cafe located a few streets away from the cruise dock.

One of the can't miss things in Nassau is the straw market. While there are a few scattered around the island, the one I want to talk about specifically is the Nassau Straw Market, which is located on Bay Street. The Nassau Straw Market is filled with thousands of different souvenirs to choose from; all ranging from typical touristy t-shirts to special wood carvings, and of course handwoven straw crafts native to the Bahamas. The straw market is a great place to walk around and explore for a more authentic feel and experience.

Besides the Nassau Straw Market, shopping is plentiful in the streets surrounding the port. There’s a good variety of both international and local shops, so finding the perfect souvenir or gift won’t be any issue. Besides straw crafts, local artwork and other crafts that capture the culture of the Bahamas, like the Junkanoo themed crafts, are perfect souvenirs to help you remember your day in Nassau.

Along with shopping, eating is a must in Nassau. Conch is a must anywhere in the Caribbean, and especially in the Bahamas, as there are people cleaning out the shells right next to where the ships dock! Sharkeez Bar & Grill is a wonderful place to stop for lunch and drinks while making your way down Bay Street, and the menu is filled with various conch meals. If you choose to sit outside on the balcony, you have a great view to people watch and to get a few good pictures of your cruise ship in port.

All in all, Nassau is a great place to spend a day or two at, and is filled with plenty of different things to do and has something for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it gives you a small insight to the wonderful city that is Nassau!


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